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The robot industry has a "virtual fire" and it is a king.

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OFweek Robot Network News: As early as 2015, the venture capital investment in the robot field has shown a boom. This year, the robot entrepreneurship is still going on. Last year...


OFweek Robot Network News: As early as 2015, the venture capital investment in the robot field has shown a boom. This year, the robot entrepreneurship is still going on. Last year, Google Robot AlphaGo beat the world's top chess player Li Shishi to raise global attention, let robots, artificial intelligence The concept continues to be popular.


China has become the world's largest industrial robot market for several consecutive years, with an annual output of over 60,000 units. The “China Speed” of about 3,000 new robot manufacturers in 5 years has amazed the world, and many experts have expressed concern: more enterprises, robots “ The fire is gone, but the hidden dangers of low-level and repeated construction emerge.