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New understanding of non-standard automation equipment

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Non-standard automatic equipment for motor industry, non-standard automatic soldering machine...

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We always mention non-standard automation, because the industry is developing rapidly, and industrial progress has been governed by meeting market production needs. Simply literally, “non-standard automation” emerges from the concept of so-called “standard automation”. In the engineering world, in order to cope with the production of large-scale stereotyped products, the production line has been designed. The electronics, food, medical, chemical and other industries have demand for machinery, supplemented by standardized fixtures and tools, and have developed strict production process SOPs. (Standard work instructions), BOM (parts and bill of materials) and quality control mode SIP (product inspection standard operation guide), effective management of the entire process of the product line.  It has achieved high production efficiency, low cost and good quality. That is to say, the production mode of “standard automation” is adopted. But in the face of rapid changes in market demand, the negative effect is very serious. When the product needs to be replaced, the entire production line is in danger of being completely scrapped. Innovative needs to be developed to develop industry-specific, product-specific non-standard automation equipment。